Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

Probably the biggest news this week was the dismissal of the lawsuit over the scheduling of marijuana.

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit pitting a diverse cadre of cannabis advocates against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

A judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit challenging federal laws criminalizing marijuana as unconstitutional, saying the five plaintiffs had failed to pursue changes in the drug’s legal status by first going through the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Here’s how the lawsuit fell short.

Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in July of 2017.  What’s the status of the industry?

Nevada lawmakers have green-lighted permanent rules for the state’s adult-use cannabis industry.

Since starting recreational marijuana sales six months ago, Nevada retailers have sold more than $195 million worth of cannabis, or more than $1 million a day.

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport has installed “marijuana amnesty boxes” on the grounds for passengers who forgot to ditch their legal bud.

And finally, there’s a Illinois congressional hopeful who’s lighting up online.

It’s a true sign of the times when a congressional candidate smokes marijuana for campaign ad.