Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

It was a busy week for the states, as Virginia moved towards decriminalization.  The state House and Senate passed versions of a bill to decriminalize, which the governor is expected to sign.

In Kentucky, support is growing for medical marijuana.  The state House Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would legalize medical cannabis.  The next stop for the legislation is the full House, and then it’s on to the state Senate, which may be less hospitable territory.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, the governor used his state of the state address to push for legalizing adult-use marijuana.  “Like it or not, legalized marijuana is a short drive away in Massachusetts and New York is soon to follow.”

Staying in New England, New Hampshire is also considering legalization.  A bill to allow possession and home cultivation cleared the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.  They might want to consider the case of their neighbor Vermont, which has a similar system now.  A bill that would permit sales is moving through the legislature now.

And the big story in Maine this week is that the state Office of Marijuana Policy is recommending that trade secrets be kept out of the public record.  We’ll be reporting on this development in depth soon.

In South Dakota, hemp may become legal.  The state House approved a bill that would legalize hemp; the bill now moves to the state Senate.

Things don’t look so promising for marijuana in New Mexico.  A bill creating a recreational industry in the state was tabled by the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee, much to the governor’s dismay.  See her statement here.

The President’s budget request was released this week, and CBD made an appearance.  The Food and Drug Administration would receive an additional $5 million to regulate cannabis and derivatives such as CBD.  The request would also prohibit the District of Columbia from using its own funds to regulate marijuana.

If you’re interested in the employment outlook for the cannabis sector, there’s a new report that indicates the industry supports over 200,000 full-time jobs.

Finally, file this under “location, location, location.”  A Girl Scout troop in Illinois has staked out a prime spot for sales.  They sold 230 boxes in four hours outside a Chicago dispensary, which has asked them to return for the rest of the month.

See you next week!