Welcome back to the Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

We’ve got a wide range of news this week.  Members of the Cannabis Caucus asked for consideration of cannabis legalization in the policing reform bill.  Nevada is issuing pardons for marijuana offenses.  Minnesota has introduced a legalization bill, and South Dakota has started the campaign to legalize by ballot initative.  The United Nations will be evaluating its classification of marijuana in the near future.  And sparkling CBD water is now a thing.

policing reform

Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to their fellow House members, asking them to consider marijuana reform as a means towards racial justice.  They support passage of the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act.


Earlier this week, the Nevada State Board of Pardons Commissioners passed a resolution put forth by Governor Steve Sisolak pardoning those convicted of minor marijuana offenses.  Pardon documents will be free of charge and available online.


Senator Ann Rest (DFL-New Hope) introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis late last week.  The Senator hopes that legalizing marijuana will allow for greater scientific research.

south dakota

The campaign to bring cannabis to South Dakota has officially started.  Voters will have two options on the November ballot: full legalization or medical marijuana.

united nations

The United Nations will meet next week to discuss the World Health Organization’s  cannabis recommendations.  This is the first in what is scheduled to be a series of meetings ahead of December’s vote to reschedule marijuana.

and finally

You knew it was only a matter of time.  Ocean Spray is testing a line of sparkling CBD water.  One flavor is called Elevate and one is called Descend, so you’re covered no matter which direction you want to go.  No word yet on when the beverages will be available in stores.

Stay safe and be well everyone – we’ll see you next week!