Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

A new year brings an old question: which states will legalize in the next 12 months?  One of the top contenders to join the list of states where cannabis is legal is New York.  Even once the voters have spoken, their message can have a hard time getting through.  In New Jersey, the road to legalization has been bumpy since the election.  And In South Dakota, marijuana companies may have a hard time finding legal counsel.  In Mississippi, medical marijuana is facing a lawsuit.  And finally, a nail salon in Oklahoma welcomes medical marijuana users.

who’s next?

2020 was a big year for state legalization – what will 2021 bring?  In addition to New York (more on them below), states as diverse as South Carolina, Minnesota, Connecticut, New Mexico and Virginia are strong candidates to legalize.  No guarantees, obviously, but we feel pretty safe predicting that there will be more “green” states at the end of 2021 than there are now.

new york

One of the most likely states to get on the cannabis bandwagon is New York.  Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is strongly in favor.  The close proximity to the New Jersey market means New York lawmakers may see their constituents travel next door to purchase marijuana.  And there are plenty of legalization plans to choose from.  Further bulletins as events warrant.

new jersey

Of course, legalization is not the end of the road.  Voting, whether by citizens or legislators, is a big step, but not the last one.  In New Jersey, legislation to enact legalization has yet to be passed, two months after Election Day.  But help may be on the way in the form of a “clean up” bill now in the works.

south dakota

One of the services that all businesses need from time to time is legal counsel.  Cannabusiness is no different – if anything, the industry probably needs more than the average amount of attorney assistance.  In South Dakota, that assistance may not be forthcoming.  The State Bar announced that its members may not ethically advise companies in the marijuana space.


Readers will doubtless recall that the Magnolia State legalized medical marijuana in November.  A lawsuit filed in October by the Mayor of Madison, MS seeks to overturn that decision.  State officials are divided on the issue, with the Attorney General and Secretary of State backing the initiative, and the state’s Health Department and Municipal League siding with the Mayor.

and finally

Looking for a manicure in East Tulsa, OK, but not sure if you can bring your medical marijuana with you?  That’s no problem at the Hybrid Nail Salon!  Owner Elizabeth Brown says, “They can bring their own vapes, a bong, a hookah, bowls, any edibles…all is welcome here.”

Stay safe and be well everyone – we’ll see you next week!