Readers will recall that the District of Columbia is 1) a jurisdiction in which marijuana is legal for recreational purposes, 2) a jurisdiction with an unusual system of governance, involving the United States Congress and 3) a jurisdiction in which the use of marijuana in public places is still illegal.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post on the
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One of the difficulties in researching or tracking state laws is that each jurisdiction has a slightly different process for enacting legislation.  In broad stokes, they are similar: they all have a legislature that passes bills and an executive who then signs or vetoes them, but the details of each state’s method of enacting statutes can be confusing if you
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In Washington, D.C. the Mayor and City Council are in the midst of a controversy over whether marijuana consumption should be allowed in private clubs.  Under current D.C. law, use of marijuana is banned in “any place to which the public is invited.”  While the law clearly allows use of marijuana in a private residence (other than federally subsidized housing
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