The Blunt Truth® has long covered the intersection of alcohol and cannabis. For example, just last month we explored the potential for regulatory confusion that might ensue if states begin allowing the sale of cannabis in liquor stores. We also commented on the potential casual use of cannabis in the workplace, with some co-working environments expanding access to alcohol and more.

As more and more states legalize cannabis, regulators seem to be turning to a friendly source for guidance––the alcoholic beverage industry. While some remain cautiously optimistic as to the impact that regulation of cannabis might have on the alcoholic beverage industry, many industry leaders welcome the marriage of pot and potent potables,  and are even exploring a whole new marketplace of cannabis-infused products, such as weed wine, beer, and spirits. Nevertheless, the overarching concern that the alcoholic beverage industry has from entering into the cannabis industry is that cannabis remains illegal at the federal level.Continue Reading Cannabis Receives a Welcome Push from The Alcoholic Beverage Industry, Leaving Regulators Buzzing

Proposed legislation in Pennsylvania would allow the sale of cannabis through the Commonwealth’s existing alcohol store system.  This could make it easier for consumers of both substances to stock up for their next get-together.  But it could also lead to confusion in the aisles of Pennsylvania’s liquor stores. Continue Reading Booze and Buds – The Potential for Confusion if Cannabis is Sold in Liquor Stores