Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

Two senators asked the Justice Department to reschedule marijuana.  Supporters of adult-use legalization in Oklahoma began the petition process.  A supporter of adult-use legalization in Ohio went the legislative route.  We have an update on Mississippi.  And finally, a new player got into the cannabis business.

federal decriminalization

Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking him to remove cannabis from the federal controlled substances list.  The senators describe decriminalization as a first step in effectively regulating the industry and addressing the racial impact of enforcement.  Booker and Warren requested an answer by next week.


Turning our attention to the states, Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action filed two initiatives recently. They hope to make progress on adult-use legalization at the ballot box, rather than waiting for the legislature.  One initiative would legalize cannabis for anyone 21 or older.  The other would replace the state’s medical marijuana oversight agency.


Meanwhile, in Ohio, Rep. Jamie Callender (R-Lake County) announced an adult-use legalization bill.  Callender is currently looking for co-sponsors for his legislation.  The bill would impose a 10% sales tax on cannabis and grandfather in businesses involved in the state’s medical marijuana program.


So what about our friends in the Magnolia State?  You may recall that Mississippi voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana in 2020.  It’s been a rocky road to implementation ever since, and now, we’re in a “Will They or Won’t They” situation.  Governor Tate Reeves (R) says he intends to call a special session of the legislature to enact legalization, which sounds like they will.  But, he also says he’s more concerned with getting the program done right than getting it done quickly, which sounds like they won’t.  As always, further bulletins as events warrant.

and finally

If you’re a fan of the E Street Band, or of The Sopranos, you may want to check out Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary.  Steven Van Zandt just announced he’ll be selling pre-rolls at two locations in Massachusetts, with 10% of the profits going to NORML.

Stay safe and be well everyone – we’ll see you next week!