Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

New Hampshire’s Senate decided against legalizing.  Virginia will not be recriminalizing possession.  Ohio’s having some difficulties with its ballot initiative.  On the federal level, cannabis banking may be part of the COMPETES Act.  And finally, could you pick up some marijuana along with your vegetables at the farmers’ market?

new hampshire

New Hampshire is surrounded by states where marijuana is legal for adult-use.  Prospects for legalization there have long been dim, and recently, the lights went out entirely for this legislative session.  The state Senate voted against legalization late last week.  Supporters of the bill argued that it would bring the state more in line with its neighbors, but opponents opposed the specifics of the bill.


The legislative process is sometimes very complicated, and Virginia’s recent back-and-forth over cannabis is one of those times.  The legislature had sent a bill to the governor dealing with hemp products.  The governor added in additional provisions, including an increase in penalties for adults possessing two ounces of marijuana.  The legislature then shelved the entire bill until next year.  So the end result of all this activity is…nothing.


We’ve been following the saga of legalization in Ohio for a while now.  Regular readers will doubtless recall that we left proponents prepared to collect additional signatures to put legalization on the ballot after it appeared that the legislature would not take up the issue.  Well, now the initiative may not happen after all.  Opponents of the measure in the legislature now object to the timing of the signature gathering, and insist that the measure must wait until 2023.  Supporters of the initiative have filed suit to allow the process to go forward. Further bulletins as events warrant.

competes act

The SAFE Banking Act could finally be enacted, as part of the America COMPETES Act.  Right now, the provision is in the House version, but not in the Senate version.   Legislators are working to come up with a bill that can pass both chambers.  This is probably the closest the law has come to getting passed, but it’s still a long way from the finish line.

and finally

You may be able to pick up some cannabis along with your organic kale and artisanal cheeses, if a bill in California passes.  The Assembly Business and Professions Committee approved a bill that would allow small growers to sell directly to consumers by a vote of 10-1.

Stay safe and be well everyone – we’ll see you next week!