Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

This week, we start off with a look at a ballot measure in South Dakota. Then we see that Georgia voters favor legalization.  We move on to an update on the Delaware situation.  And we note that New Hampshire’s governor could be coming around on cannabis.  And finally, Jeopardy! uses a marijuana pun.

south dakota

Stop me when this sounds familiar.  The advocacy group South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws has gathered enough signatures to put an adult-use measure on the November 2022 ballot.  However, a measure on this month’s primary ballot could cause the group some difficulties.  The measure would require that any initiative that costs over $10 million receive 60% support in order to pass.  Could a lawsuit be on the horizon?  Stay tuned!


As you may have heard, Georgia held its primary election recently.  What you may not know is that adult-use legalization was on the ballot.  And support for it was overwhelming.  Now before you make plans to head to the Peach State, know that this was a non-binding advisory question.  So no changes in state law are required.  But when 80% of voters say “YES” to something, legislators may sit up and take notice.


Last week, we reported that Delaware’s governor vetoed a legalization measure.  Now, attention returns to the legislature, to see if they will override this veto.  Senator Laura Sturgeon (D), one of the bill’s co-sponsors, believes the Senate has the votes.  She expressed doubts, however, about the House.  Further bulletins as events warrant.

new hampshire

Now that Rhode Island has joined the list of states with legal adult-use marijuana, only New Hampshire remains as a holdout against legalization in New England.  Until recently, Governor  Chris Sununu (R) has maintained a strong stance against cannabis, but it’s possible he’s changing his mind.  In recent remarks, the governor pointed the finger at the state’s Senate as the source of the problem, saying they have never sent a legalization measure to his desk.  Will New England become solid green?  The current legislative session ends July 1, so probably not in 2022, but perhaps 2023 could be the year.

and finally

One thing we strongly favor here at The Week in Weed is marijuana puns.  If they’re clever, great.  If they’re lame, so be it.  On a recent episode of Jeopardy!, the writers had a little fun with the name of a Congressional procedure – sending a bill to a “joint” committee.  Blowback from angry watchers ensued on, you guessed it, Twitter.

Stay safe and be well everyone – we’ll be off next week, but will return on Friday, June 17.