Golden State voters trail-blazed the way for the legalized use and sale of marijuana on November 8, 2016. The California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, known as Proposition 64, was welcomed with open arms (and maybe a little cotton mouth) by the nation’s largest economy with a vote of 56% in favor of the law.
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Nebraska and Oklahoma may not have had their day in (Supreme) Court, but they are

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This new ordinance is a bit of a head-scratcher.  “A marijuana conviction often can disqualify you from receiving a cannabis

Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your source for articles on legalized marijuana.  Supporters of full legalization had a “one step forward; one step back” week.  It looks like a ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana will qualify for the November ballot in California, but in Vermont, legislation that would have legalized cannabis was defeated.  

With Pennsylvania joining in last month, nearly half the country has laws permitting state residents to use marijuana for medical purposes, and a handful even permit recreational use. California led the movement when it passed the so-called “Compassionate Use Act” in 1996. At present, use and distribution of marijuana remain federal offenses, although unenforced per current U.S. Department of Justice policy.

The increasing accessibility of marijuana over the years, as well as its acceptance into mainstream culture, have led to serious misconceptions regarding its permissibility in the workplace. We offer here a few reminders to help clear up this this sometimes “hazy” area of California law.
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Can stand-alone retail establishments weed out petitioners seeking to gather signatures to legalize marijuana on their private property? Yes, they can(nabis)! California courts have granted injunctions against individuals gathering signatures for ballot measures on private property.
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